Pix Magazine Feature | The Times Are A Flyin’

Oh. Ehm. Gee. Gee.

Its been busy. Wowee.

3 Video Projects, 2 Photo-shoots, 1 Retouching Set, 1 Workshop, about 15 meetings, and a short get-away later and Im sitting here, excited and tired too. It gets a bit crazy sometimes with all the work we do and sometimes we doubt that we are moving forward whilst paying the bills. Maybe its just the beginning of a new phase of business, maybe its me slowly getting into the hang of the Freelance Life.

But every now and then, you get a bit of nice news that kind of re-affirms the path you are on and leads you to continue upwards. Just a slight hint to say : “You’re doing good, kid.”  (Obviously in the voice of the narrator of “Bastion” )

I got such good news, to say that the image at the beginning of this post,  from one of my model portfolio shoots will be featured in PIX Magazine  a really big Photomagazine in South Africa.

Thank you Pix Mag for giving me a little big thumbs-up !

And the moral of this story ?
Just keep going : You never know who is watching your story and progress.


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