Pearl Thusi

Pearl Thusi

When Star Model Management ( now Boss Model Management ) called for a quick portrait shoot for Pearl, the first concern I had was – ” Oh dear god, its like in a few hours, am I ready ? Can I prep in that amount of time ?! Oh lawd, oh lawd, oh lawd. “

I proceeded to accept the shoot and then frantically get everything ready. Camera was charged, lights were set-up and shortly afterwards, Pearl arrived.  Needless to say, I was rather nervous but set up a little something simpler and always classic. A short hour to prepare for a shoot can be stressful but thats when your reflexes really kick in.

Only when she rocked up at my home studio did I see that it was  THE Pearl Thusi – super awesome model, TV Presenter and all round epic person.
The clock was on and there was a little amount of time, so we just got down to it and started shooting. 4 outfits in 2 hours ( with enough time to paint my partner’s toenails a glittery emerald green )

Without a doubt, Pearl Thusi is a damn rockstar. I’ve never worked with a nicer, friendlier and professional model, basically ever.

Pearl ThusiPearl ThusiPearl Thusi

Pearl Thusi


Samsung have decided to use the images for a campaign and their partnership with Pearl Thusi. Shweeeeeet !

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