As a photographer, one of my greatest joys in life is to photograph different and new things. As an avid gamer and lover of japanese Anime and all kinds of somewhat geeky paraphernalia, Cosplay photography is something which I freakin’ love. It sounds crazy to some but its almost like when you love a song so much that you look for covers or remixes of it, because you enjoy seeing how other people re-interpret it.

For me, as a slightly socially-anxious photographer ( ironic right ), I can understand how it feels to be in a position where you feel awkward, or afraid to say or do the wrong thing. Its pretty crappy to be honest but, as with everything, it gets better with practice and going through those rough times through to the other side.

One thing which I always find interesting and ironic is Cosplayers who have no idea how to pose for photographs and often getting very scared or embarrassed and saying many things along the lines of “Oh my gosh. I look so <insert negative word here>. “, “How should I stand ?” or “HELPMEEEPLZZZZZZ.”  This is very difficult from a Cosplay Photographers point of view as unless they have a good understanding of the origin of the Cosplay itself, its hard to come up with a pose that is relevant. Often they result to posing them in a generic post. (” Look, hes holding a sword. Get him to point the sword towards camera. Hokay.”

This guide however, is here to help you come up with poses and feel much less stressed. All you have to do is place some good references for poses in each of the squares and keep this on your phone or print it out and if you ever get lost of confused, run through as many of the poses as you can remember. GUARENTEE’D if you somehow remember all of these or even 2 rows of them, then you’ll never run our of poses and also have peace in the fact that you are doing a rad job.

Not sure how a character would look if they are happy ? Just think about it. Even the most emo of characters will have a way they are perceived to be happy. It could be a sly smirk or even just a glance and subtle smile.  The key is to know your character well and go from there.

Cosplay Posing Guide by Kyle Goulden

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