The Catalyst : Short Film

We are born without values, beliefs or principles. We absorb these from our immediate surroundings as we grow up, and over time. Guidelines by which we live our lives. When we experience difficulties and challenges, we apply these principles to solve our problems, and use this experience to help ourselves to get through tougher trials.

However, when these principles are turned into weapons, we start the slow decline from humanity and compassion into extremism and segregation: “us” and “them.”
When we violently force societal views upon others, our attempts to permanently alter their paths results in simultaneously crafting our own destruction. Extremist acts are accompanied by casualties, and for every hurt ; an increasing number of people being motivated to walk a path of revenge.
This is a never-ending cycle of rigid thinking. Solid. Unchanging. Brittle.
Solidarity is brought about when people choose to embrace the strength of the human spirit over the atrocities of conflict – when they choose compassion instead of vengeance.
The process of concrete mimics this, with chemical elements being broken down as a necessary part of a process of creating something new. Without the loss of the individual structures, the mixture is weak, frail and can never showcase its full potential. The breaking apart and reforming of the elements in concrete bring to light a newer, stronger material.

The film showcases the destructive effects of the violence which so often accompanies extremist attitudes, and the costs that it incurs. With so many dying because of the pride of others, the film asks, “How much more human suffering are we willing to endure in the name of pride, before we find the catalyst for change?

2015 / 2016 “The Catalyst : Short Film” PPC Imaginarium – Film Category Winner

2016 “The Catalyst : Short Film” Youngblood Gallery, Cape Town.

Directed and Produced by Kyle Goulden
Executive Producer / Mentor : Wessel van Huyssteen
Art Direction : Kyle Goulden + Rose Van Staden
DOP + Camera : Yash Lucid + Kyle Goulden
Edit + Post : Kyle Goulden
Sountrack : Kevin Gibson
Makeup : Chanté Roets
Styling : Rose Van Staden

Angelica Spath
Elsa Bleda
Dominic Smith
Mila Du Sart
Shafiqua Du Sart
Dave Van Zyl

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