Aligning 18 marketing departments across the global to a unified workflow whilst amplifying marketing results through Human-Centred Design and Behavioural Analysis  


Sun International is one of Africa’s largest tourism, leisure and gaming groups and operates or has an interest in a total of 18 resorts, luxury hotels and casinos. They are on a mission to create magical experiences for its customers while remaining cost-effective and efficient during a time of national financial difficulties and shifting behavioural habits.

I was tasked with further developing the current system to suit the shifting needs for Sun Interntional Head Office, Fusion ( the in-house creative agency ), the On-Property Marketing Team and the SI Online Team. 

The Problem

Lack of organizational synergy + competitive market + rising costs + lack of innovation and development strategies + large scale. 

Sun International has 18 properties, a central head office and a vast array of internal and external stakeholders, each with unique needs and challenges.   

With an ever-competitive environment, there is a need to keep costs as lean whilst developing both brand and property awareness. 

Why is this happening?
  • Appealing to 4 different stakeholders per 18 properties, each with different demands and brand guidelines.
  • Adhearing to the Sun International Core CI whilst expanding its reach
  • Creative Teams all working long hours, and with unrealistic deadlines causing a difficult working enviroment.
  • Very legacy and traditional workflows and views to creativity and UX
  • Fear of change and lack of synergy between units and head office
  • Very traditional and ineffective creative workflow

How might we build powerful brand properties, whilst creating synergistic and positive workflows that drive business results?


As I began working on gathering insights, it became increasingly clear that a huge pool of data and empathizing was needed to clearly define each stakeholder’s needs and ensure that a clear direction was defined and aligned upon before we commenced.  I proceeded to host various Empathizing and Interview Sessions, as well as supplement with current research into large-scale property creative systems, UX principles and consumer needs within the gaming and hospitality industries. 

*Many sticky notes were used ( and recycled )


Through research we identified multiple challenges in the enviroment as alongside the internal challenges Sun International faced.

  • The average users attention span has reached 8.25 seconds.
  • The average attention span of a user scrolling on social media platforms, 0.25 seconds.
  • Future customers, currently aged 18-24, currently spend up to 7x more than the dwindling current market of 35-55+
  • Currently properties did not leverage using Social Media to attract new customers or engage with them. On property-brands still engage with traditional print media as their primary form of communication.