How we revamped the ALX brand through iterative brand development whilst simultaneously launching it’s flagship products.  


In many startup contexts, going to market with your products are the key step in learning and developing your offering as well as beginning to secure revenue.  

However, within the startup space, organizational pivots are frequent and varied. ALX is no different in that regard, having completed multiple reboots, re-org’s and new structures that radically affected the brand, it’s promise and therefore it’s identity. 

Within the span of a calendar month, this entire brand was rebuilt, re-aligned and sent to market whilst managing an entirely different and equally invovled brand of The Room. 


  1. Activate marketing campaigns of all products to facilitate early growth, lessons and revenue. 
  2. Simultaneously develop the long-term brand strategy and identity of ALX. 
  3. Continue to drive creative and brand impact in the core brand of The Room.
  4. Develop the brand houses, guidelines and architecture across 2 brands, multiple products and across 6 city hubs around the world. 
  5. Activate with a lean-team of freelancers and contracted staff. 
ALX is effectively at a startup stage and was launching multiple products to market as its core focus, forgoing a completed brand to do so. Thus, we built its product brands through an iterative process to enable simultaneous launching.  
Launching these products required marketing collateral, where we re-incorporated the X mark, refreshing and bold.  

Early in the brand development journey, we engaged with human-centred design processes to understand the needs of our users and how we can position our brand to best solve those honestly, and clearly.   

An interesting insight was that no-one understood what the X mark stood for and thus , the question prompted a lot of user engagement.  ALX was born from the same group of ALU (African Leadership University) and ALA (African Leadership Academy)  thus they knew it stood for African Leadership but what was the X?

We channeled that curiosity into the brand itself. 

The X represented the unknown.A variable that had no singular definition or value.


The power of X became a mark of amplification. To amplify the amount of a person’s latent abilities, to an infinite possibility.