“One fine day when I was young,  I rushed home from school, gushing with excitement, eager to tell my parents that I had learned “Caps Lock” at school that day.  In reference to writing capitals in the English language. That one moment is the simplest way to describe life, growing up around computers and video.

Years later, after working since 16 to develop skills and the abilities, I couldn’t afford to get into places such as VEGA, AFDA, Open Window and Inscape. Even after applying for bursaries, I was told “I was not going to succeed in the field of graphic design” which had the very goals I dreamt of came shattering down faster than the shutter of the camera.

However, it became a strong motivator to continue working and creating that path for myself. The internet ( and many gigs of data later, sorry dad ) served to teach whilst I continued further.

Less than a year from those rejections, came my first Promax Gold award in Design and Animation, a level of smugness and pride, and a belief that we are all capable of developing into people we want.

In truth, the experience was a painful but passionate one that lead to the start of this all. It made me want to create more and to do so in a kind, empathic way. “

It was a story that I told for years, describing a personal passion for creativity and the digital arts, and started my career in all the fields I could lay my excited hands upon.

Photography, Commercial Retouching, Graphic/ Digital Design, Video Editing, Motion Graphics / Animation, Videography, Filmmaking, Copywriting, Content Production, Brand Storytelling, Producing, Directing, Web Design, you freakin’ name it.  It was a passion and a purpose.

That now culminates in a million ways to tell a story that needs to be told. And a passion to tell it. That is why you are here hopefully.

My focus is to create a real impact with the stories being told and to create an environment of continuous development for the people and projects involved.

In my personal time, I’m an avid gamer, an oft-flat-footed martial artist, purveyor of fluffy animal videos, humble charity worker and also make some incredible coffee biscotti. #JustSaying


PROMAX / BDA – Broadcast Creative
2 International Gold Muses
1 International Silver Muses
2 Local Gold Muses
6 Local Silver Muses

PPC Imaginarium – Film Category
Short Film : The Catalyst


16 Print / Online Features
3 Radio Interviews


The Catalyst
Turbine Air Fair
UJ Art Gallery
Pretoria Arts Association