Creative Showreel

The traditional showreel years of focusing on being a Multimedia Designer with 95% of this showreel being Designed, Animated, Filmed, and Produced in 3-day turn-around times and often as a one-man-band.

The Catalyst : Award-Winning Short Film Concrete is a metaphor for the rigidity and narrowness of extremist ideology in the award winning art-shortfilm The Catalyst. The film asks the important question: “How much more human suffering are we willing to endure in the name of pride before we find the catalyst for change?” For more information, click here. 

This is South Africa Objective: Create a multi-function content piece that:  Connects young creatives to the brand of Umuzi ( Positive Disruption )  Builds confidence in the current Multimedia Cohort Create an educational experience for the Cohort   Results 10k+ views250 Leads$0 Cost20 Very Proud Creatives  

Impact Story : Umuzi Briefed to tell the story of Umuzi’s Impact, the project was tackled in the eyes of the real impact they created in their community. Verona Banda, an Umuzi Design Alumni talks about the impact Umuzi had whilst relating how the creative struggle and that of a runner are not as distant as it may seem.

Wellness Archive : Umuzi

Reducing stigma around mental-health activations and creating easier access for young African leaders through human-centered Design.