The last 18 years I’ve been telling stories of all kinds as a multi-disciplinary brand, content, and creative director. Using various creative mediums to bring people together for great things. To make messages more powerful. Using content to empower individuals and groups to better themselves and their communities.

During that journey, I worked with non-profits, small startups, humanitarian groups, large corporations, global brands and high-end creative agencies. Each bringing a unique challenge to solve, and each bringing a valuable lesson to learn. Getting international awards proved a point when I was unsure about my own belief, but an increasingly loud message began to come through. ‘How can I make a greater impact on others?’

However, a chance encounter with Human-Centered Design changed everything. The kind of mentality and methodology that not only leads to meaningful results, but ensures that everyone involved; users, teams, stakeholders, volunteers, has a say in what happens. It just came naturally.

Transformative coaching gives that a broader vocabulary, helping great people get the most out of life, change their own narrative, and move towards a life of their choosing—or the next step in their career. Together, we made a transformation space for them to reach their goals.

All these spaces speak the same language.

Empathy, Curiosity, Growth.

Brand, Creative

+ Content

Developing world-class brands with user-centered approaches.

Human Centered Design

Ensuring people are at the heart of every solution, merging UX and BX together.


+ Journey Coaching

Supporting and growing people at every touch point to achieve great things.

Mindful + Meaningful Impact

Creating spaces for experimentation creates powerful creative results.

Explored and experienced

Group Brand, Creative and Content Director


The Room is building a global, ‘offline’ community of top talent and we are challenging this talent to do hard things to change the world. 

ALX, a sister company to The Room is powerful community of young leaders seeking to make meaningful impact across the world through skill and professional development in digital transformation, business intelligence and entrepreneurship. 

To drive and develop the brands into a world-class entity, through content, creative and strategic development. This included driving the brands from early startup stage into a 450k user strong community based in Africa ( ALX ) and 90k strong user base for The Room. 

Group Brand Strategy
Driving the alignment and ongoing development of The Room and ALX brand properties through various workshops with senior leadership.

Global Alignment and Rollout
As the brand strategy became more defined, the next stage was to implement a rollout strategy across various city hubs across Africa and beyond that all align to the core strategy.

Creative Direction and Strategy
Execution of brand through creative assets, brand guidelines alongside various collateral projects to create marketing materials.  

Human Centered Design Facilitation
All of these followed Human Centered Design approaches to ensure all parties are heard and represented within the final solution – ensuring all stakeholders find a solution. 

Iterative + Agile Process Development
In order to succeed, my role included building a robust workflow that facilitated ongoing creative execution and brand development whilst learning from data and user insights to iteratively grow and develop. 

Storytelling + Content Creation
One powerful modality my role included was to bring all these messages and strategies to life both internally and externally through storytelling of our users, members and staff. 

Creative Execution 
( Brand Design, Marketing Collateral Design, Animation, Landing Pages, Websites etc ) 

Guiding 4 teams, multiple freelancers, and stakeholders across the world to meaningful impact. 

Managing Creative, Brand, Content and Web Development Teams with a total of 11 full time, and 12 freelancers. 

Consulting the organization through “Innovation” sessions – used as a modality that merges Coaching with Human Centered Design. 


Senior Content Creator &
HCD Lead

JUNE 2019 – MARCH 2020 ( CONTRACT )

Sun International is one of Africa’s largest tourism, leisure and gaming groups and operates in a total of 18 resorts, luxury hotels and casinos.

My role was to create content and develop the creative studio across all 18 properties, alongside developing and expanding on our creative strategy to support business growth.  Whilst using HCD to tackle long-standing challenges within the business.

Creative Strategy
One of my primary duties was to not only optimize the creative process of Sun International’s internal creative agency : Fusion as well as facilitate and strategize around how each of Sun International’s properties market, brand and communicate with their audiences to get more revenue.

Human Centered Design Facilitation
Facilitating a Design Thinking Methodology for 20-30 member groups in Human Centered Design, a UX problem-solving methodology to optimize various creative teams within the organization.

Motion / Video Department and Process Development
Development of the Motion Graphics team within Sun International, its people as well as its process. This includes providing motion graphic production services across all the various properties.

Content Creation
Creating content via design / animation / video editing / presentations to properties, consumers and internal stakeholders. 

Creative Strategy
Content Strategy
Systems, Tools and Processes Development
Creative Team Workflows
Multi-Property Consultation
Human Centered Design

Team Management
Agile Project Management

Motion Graphics
Graphic / Digital Design

Strategic Guidance across 19 Sun International Properties.

5 Account Managers
15 Senior + Junior Creatives

Creative Director & Senior Product Owner

MAY 2017 – MAY 2019

Umuzi supports talented young people of Africa to develop the skills necessary to access high-value and high-growth careers. 

My role evolved from developing and educating young leaders in creative fields, to support their long term mental wellbeing, the internal creative agency serving external clients into the creative and brand development of the startup. 

Head: Multimedia
Head: Community & Social Media Management
Head: Wellness Development
Head: Creates + Experiences
( Creative BTL Production Services for External Clients )
Head: Creative Skills Development

Senior Product Owner ( Creative Division )

Creative and Brand Directior

Creative Direction
Brand Management and Storytelling of the Umuzi brand across various departments, managing cross-disciplined teams of creatives to deliver consistent learnings and growth.

This includes Print, Digital, BTL Activations of the Umuzi core brand as well as sub-brands.

Human Centered Design Facilitation
Facilitating a Design Thinking Methodology for 20-30 member groups in Human Centered Design, a UX problem-solving methodology. 

Creative Skills Development
Development of an online learning platform that facilitates self-learning and maximizes facilitators best usage of time and energy in high-value touch-points. 

Product Team Development
Facilitating and creating a process for Creative Departments to transition into Product Teams for better efficiency
Agile Methodology
Creating uniquely tailored and functional Agile Teams within various departments.

Community Management Process Development
Developing the online Social Media and Community Management Process with accurate engagement, iteration methodology along with team development.

Learning Design and Strategy
Creative Program Design and Development
Social Media Management
Product Development 
Client Relations and Partnerships 
Systems, Tools and Processes.

Human Centered Design
Team Management
Agile Project Mangement
Animation / Design
Film / Video

5 Junior Managers and Product Owners
60+ Juniors Content Creators across 4 Product Teams

Senior Multimedia Designer

JANUARY 2016 – APRIL 2017

Fedgroup is a leading independent investment & insurance corporate in South Africa.

My role was to guide and execute all creative media for internal, social and external purposes across brand, design, animation and print within the group. 

Corporate Animations
Explainer Videos
Launch Videos
Internal Explainer Videos
Event Imagery

Creative Direction
Senior Graphic Design
Print / Manufacturing

Animation ( After Effects + C4D )
Videography + Photography
Editing ( Premiere Pro )
Motion Design ( Photoshop )
Graphic Design ( Photoshop / Illustrator / InDesign )
Retouching ( Adobe Lightroom )

Leading a team of 5 creatives. 

Multidisciplinary Creative
( Brand, Design, Video, Photo )

MARCH 2014 – AUGUST 2015

Nicework helps leaders of companies, who want to make a dent in the world, build brands people care about.  

My role was to manage and run the video and motion graphics department of Nicework, whilst supporting as an all-round creative through photography, design, videography and strategic support.

Corporate Animations

Explainer Videos

Launch Videos

Internal Explainer Videos

Event Imagery and Videography

Animation ( After Effects + C4D )
Videography + Photography 
Editing ( Premiere Pro )
Motion Design ( Photoshop )
Graphic Design ( Photoshop / Illustrator / InDesign )
Retouching ( Lightroom )

Designer, Editor, Animator,  Short-form Producer

MARCH 2008 – AUGUST 2012

A leading Broadcast Design group producing innovative quality productions across a variety of media platforms.

As a junior, my role initially began as a video editor and designer but after winning my first international award within my internship, it evolved into motion graphics and short form producing leading into rebranding many local and international channel rebrands.

Channel Rebrands
( DSTV M-Net Stars, M-Net Action )

Short Form Production
(Promos, Bumpers, Idents)

TV / Online Show Broadcast Packages
(Intro’s, Idents, Lower Thirds etc ) 

Print Design

Presentation Design

Short Form Producing and Directing

Scriptwriting and Creative Direction

Animation (  After Effects + C4D )

Motion Design ( Photoshop + After Effects)

Graphic Design ( Illustrator /  InDesign )

Editing ( Premiere Pro )


Photography and Retouching ( Adobe Lightroom )

… and a range of freelance clients.

Told stories,


Some people liked what I created,

and even gave me stuff for it


Film Category Winner
PPC Imaginarium 
The Catalyst: Short Film


Channel Brand of the Year – Gold
Promax Global Excellence Awards
Crime and Investigation 


Best On-Air Branding Design – Gold
Promax Global Excellence Awards
Crime and Investigation Channel Rebrand 


Best On-Air Branding Design – Silver
Promax Global Excellence Awards
Crime and Investigation 
Ident : Cult


Most Outstanding Design In Promotion – 
Gold Muse
Promax | BDA Africa Awards
M-Net Cares – Drive to Literacy


Screen Africa Best Movie Promo 
Gold Muse
Promax | BDA Africa Awards
M-Net Action Thriller Horror Fest


Best Public Service Announcement
Silver Isis
Promax | BDA Africa Awards
M-Net Cares – Drive to Literacy


Best Integrated Social Media Campaign
Silver Isis
Promax | BDA Africa Awards
M-Net Action Social Media Campaign


Best Sponsored Spot
Silver Muse
Promax | BDA Africa Awards
M-Net Action Swatch Villains Promo


Best Sponsored Spot
Silver Muse
Promax | BDA Africa Awards
M-Net Action Godfather Game Promo
Interviews and Features

Pix Magazine 



Design Indaba

PPC Imaginarium

Lazy Gamer


Camera Stuff

Between 10 & 5


Critical Hit

House & Lesiure

Garden & Home



Business Live

Published Photography

Cosmopolitan Magazine

Destiny Magazine

Dossier Magazine

HEAT Magazine

Men’s Health Magazine

One.Small.Seed Magazine

Pix Photographic Magazine

Sandton Magazine


The Catalyst 


UJ Art Gallery

Turbine Art Fair

TV / Radio Interviews



Picked up a few skills,

Transformational Coaching

Mindful Talent:
Advanced Certificate in Coaching Practice
November 2019 – November 2020

Training and Courses

Behavioural Economics
Rory Sutherland ( Ogilvy ) + 42Courses

Storytelling for Change

Design Kit: The Course for Human-Centered Design

Social Media for Marketing 

Inbound Marketing

Workshops Hosted

2017 -2019.
Human Centered Design Fundamentals
Creative Literacy Training
Creative Process Development
Rapid Prototyping
Art Of The Presentation
Human-Centered Mentality

“The Catalyst” Creative Process
Greenside Design Center

Creating Interactive Objects From Images
Photo & Film Expo

Video for the Photographer – 8 Week Short Course
Vega School


“Greenscreen Fundamentals
CameraStuff Stage, Photo & Film Expo

YOUR CAMERA, OUR LIGHTS –  Photography Lighting Modifier Basics
CameraStuff Stage, Photo and Film Expo

TTL vs. Manual Flash Dual Workshop

“How to Brief a Multimedia Team Properly ”

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